Non-Commercial Rates
Images are for personal use only or for agency portfolios. Commercial use will incur an additional fee.
1 Outfit Change
1 Hours Shooting time
3 Professional Retouched Images
Total : $350
2 - 3 Outfit Changes
1 - 2 Hours of Shooting time
6 Professionally Retouched Images
Total : $600
Hair, Makeup & Styling included
5 - 7  Outfit Changes
2 - 3 Hours of Shooting time
10 Professionally Retouched Images
Total : $950
What next? Hair, Make-up etc...
Hair, Makeup & Styling assistant is NOT included in Mini & Standard Sessions, BUT can be organised. Prices vary depending on location / country.
How do I get my images?
All photos will be available 2-3 days after shoot for proofing (via Dropbox or Google Drive). Final Images may take up to 2-3 weeks to be completed upon receiving the image selection by the client.
What about additional Images
Additional Images will be charged according to the amount of post-processing needed. These costs also include the time needed emailing, invoicing, locating files, editing / retouching, exporting and finally sending them.
Retouched image - $50
Color correction
Color grading
Body reshaping
Exposure adjustments
Blemish removal
Skin tone correction
Detail Sharpening
Stray Hair Removal
Skin Removal
Color Graded - $30
Color correction
Color grading
Exposure adjustments
All Shoots require a $150 non refundable deposit. Payment Must be completed in full before start of shoot. Pricing subject to change for any shoots needing additional travels. Multiple location changes will incur a location change fee.

To request a quote for Commercial use and image licensing please use the contact form.